Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva: ‘I’ve Never Cheated’

Published On December 30, 2015 | MMA News

Anderson Silva has stated:

“If you look at my body, it never changed. I’ve always had the same build, the same frame. Nothing’s ever changed with my body. Never did I knowingly take an illegal substance. I took another product that was contaminated,” he insisted.

Anderson Silva

“I took a supplement that was contaminated. Inside the octagon, there’s no way to really lie in this sport. I’ve been fighting my whole career and never tested positive,” added the future UFC Hall of Fame inductee.

“My conscience is clear,” he said. “I never purposely ever took any banned substance. I made an error by taking a substance that was contaminated, but my conscience is clean. I know that I’ve never cheated.”

I love how Anderson Silva uses the excuse his body never changed throughout his career to prove his innocence. That excuse only works if you don’t get caught. As soon as there is a positive test and your body doesn’t look different, people realize not everybody gets jacked on performance enhancing drugs. The logical person thinks: he must be using it to heal quicker, get faster, etc. That is where the problem is. It is absolutely an advantage if you can train more than your opponent. If you are a counter puncher and found an illegal way to get faster…cheater. Maybe, I am wrong and the rest of the world will believe he is innocent since he doesn’t get huge. If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

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