Anthony Johnson Glover Teixeira Tooth UFC 202

Anthony Johnson Hit Glover Teixeira’s Tooth Further Than Giancarlo Stanton Can Hit A Baseball

Published On August 22, 2016 | MMA News

Wow, that uppercut sent Glover’s tooth 496 feet which is 1 foot longer than Giancarlo Stanton’s longest homerun of the season. Nobody actually tracked how far Teixeira’s pearly white went, but when you factor in the angle, velocity, wind resistance, size, mass and put that into your TI-83 you get 496 feet. The tooth is ‘Rumble’ is a mean man with unbelievable punching power (don’t hate on that joke). I wouldn’t be surprised if Johnson gets brought up on assault charges for that punch. Remember if the Glover doesn’t fit, you must acquit. Check out the video of the tooth below:

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