Anthony Johnson Retires UFC 210 Daniel Cormier

Anthony Johnson Retires From The Sport Of MMA

Published On April 10, 2017 | MMA News

Anthony Johnson announced his retirement from MMA after he lost to Daniel Cormier at UFC 210 this past weekend. WTF is all that comes to my mind. Can you believe “Rumble” tried to out-wrestle DC? Oh yeah, it is sad he is walking away from the sport when he is one of the most exciting guys in the business as well. I get it though, who wants to show up to work and get punched in the face by the baddest dudes on the planet? You can listen to the announcement below.

PS – “Rumble” is in the prime of his career and I wouldn’t mind seeing him come back to fight Jon Jones.

PPS – Maybe he is stepping away because like Derrick Lewis he has to boo boo.

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