Arianny Celeste UFC Bikini Hot

Arianny Celeste Celbrates 4th of July In A Bikini

Published On July 1, 2016 | MMA News

It looks like Arianny Celeste is checking in for the 4th of July weekend in a bikini!!! The UFC ring card girl celebrates Independence Day by allowing her buttocks to be free from the confines of clothing…just like America wanted to be free from the confines of the British Empire in 1776. It is basically the same thing and both end with fireworks. If I was with Ms. Celeste I would ask her to hold my Roman Candle (even though I am hung more like a firecracker) until it turned into a fountain. Don’t worry, I would make sure there was a parachute on my snake while we bang (get your mind out of the gutter, those are all types of fireworks). Geesh, can’t a guy brag about how great his country is? AMERICA!!!

Captain AC! ⚓️? @adventuresofac #summer #bikini #travel #humpday #island #yacht #fitness good news it’s almost the weekend . ?

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