Ashton Kutcher Conor McGregor Rigan Machado

Ashton Kutcher’s Jiu-Jitsu Better Than Conor McGregor’s?

Published On May 27, 2016 | MMA News

Rigan Machado,  8th degree black belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. says he would take Ashton Kutcher over Conor McGregor in a jiu-jitsu match. Machado has been coaching Ashton and says at 6’3″ 200lbs Conor would not have a chance against the purple belt of Kutcher. Conor is a brown belt but Rigan said Ashton is his best student. I guess I will believe a guy that has trained with Chuck Norris and lived to tell about it. That is a huge deal because when the boogey man goes to sleep he has nightmares of Chuck Norris…Something like that.

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