Bec Rawlings and Angela Magana

Bec Rawlings And Angela Magana Are The Same Person

Published On August 22, 2016 | MMA News

I was scrolling through two of my favorite MMA Instagram accounts and realized Bec Rawlings and Angela Magana are basically the same person. I know they are best friends and hangout a ton, but look at how similar their pictures are below. Side-boob, cough, cough, side-boob. I bet when they are training they feel each others pain. Bec takes a straight left to the face and Angela develops a black-eye. Bec takes her pants off and Angela is already in her birthday suit posing with the Puerto Rican flag. Whatever it is, I am a huge fan!!! Make sure you follow them on social media because they do not disappoint.

Bec Rawlings Hot UFCAngela Magana Hot UFC Bec Rawlings and Angela Magana Hot UFC

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