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Bellator Signs ‘Baby Slice’ Kevin Ferguson Jr.

Published On July 27, 2016 | MMA News

Bloody Elbow – It’s a strange reminder of just how young a sport MMA is, that we have so few legacy fighters of note. A.J. McKee, Ryan Couture, Kron Gracie; the group of notable fighters whose parents were also notable fighters is pretty slim, and at times stretching the meaning of the word notable. However, we’ve got a new entry into that rare brotherhood, Kevin Ferguson Jr.

“Baby Slice” is the 24-year-old son of the late Kimbo Slice, and the newest member of the Bellator roster. He’s set to make his debut at Bellator 160: Henderson vs. Pitbull, taking place on August 26th in Los Angeles, California.

I don’t hate this move by Bellator. Kimbo Slice was taken way too early in life and by signing his son it guarantees the family a way to make money in the wake of his death. I hope Baby Slice is successful in his career and can capture 1/1ooth of the electricity his father brought into the cage. I will be watching his debut and I can’t wait to see what skills he brings into the fight.

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