Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Will Help You Get Through Your Day

Published On April 26, 2016 | Wrestling News

Scott Steiner + a live microphone = MAGIC. Pure, MAGIC. I don’t know if Scott Steiner was always crazy and just hid it well, but thank God for The Big Bad Booty Daddy. He seemed like the normal one when the Steiner Brothers were dominating the Tag Team ranks of WWE and WCW in the early to mid 90’s. Rick was the one painted as some sort of lunatic.

Fast forward five years and it’s clear that they told us a lie and deprived us of years more of gems like the ones contained in this clip. Steiner’s greatest gift may have been his disaster of a run in WWE. I honestly don’t know how it’s humanly possible for a guy with his experience to just botch so many things so badly.

Thank you Scott Steiner. Thank you Freakzilla. Thank you Big Poppa Pump. Thank you Big Bad Booty Daddy, for getting us all through our mundane work day.

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