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Bobby Lashley Believes Jon Jones Story

Published On September 19, 2017 | MMA News

Bobby Lashley was at the Mr. Olympia Expo this past weekend and it appears he backs Jon Jones story about tainted supplements.

In the interview he said:

“Tainted supplements are the real deal,” Lashley said. “When I was at the Olympic Training Center, we had USADA. And USADA delves a lot deeper than any other company into what’s going on with what you have.”

“When I was at the Olympic Training Center, we had like one product line that they allowed us to take, because everyone else is trying to get the edge. Look at this place, we’re at the Mr. Olympia, there’s like hundreds of companies out there with ‘the new product.’”

“Jon Jones, do I think he’s a cheater? Absolutely not,” Lashley stated. “I think he’s an amazing fighter, and he knows that. And he knows with all of his natural ability – look at his family, look at his brothers. His brothers are freaks of nature also.”

When I first heard the interview I wanted to post the video and write LOL as the blog but figured my response should be a little more in depth. Bobby has to defend Jon Jones because if he didn’t that would be the syringe calling the needle sharp. Ha, that is like the pot calling the kettle black, just with tools that help inject steroids. Look at Bobby Lashley and tell me you can believe anything he says about people not being on the juice. Oh yeah, you can’t!!!

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