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Breaking: Jon Jones Passed Drug Test

Published On September 1, 2017 | MMA News

Jon Jones (you know, the fighter with 3 failed drug tests in his last 4 fights) was recently flagged for a potential anti-doping policy violation but a new test result has everybody scratching their heads. Ariel Helwani took to social media to relay the following information:

Now, this may sound strange but all of the stuff I read on Turinabol, the drug Jones was popped for, says it beats a lot of tests due to its short detection time. Other people are saying it can be detected longer if mixed with substances that do not leave the system quickly. I don’t know what the truth is because I am a fat guy that doesn’t do PED’s. I can tell you who has the best pizza and I can assure you I will probably die at a young age from ingesting too much cholesterol. Insert DC crying face HERE

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