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Chael Sonnen Leaves The UFC, Signs with Bellator

Published On September 16, 2016 | MMA News

Chael Sonnen has officially ended his retirement after the two-year suspension for a failed drug test expired earlier this year. But he’s not coming back to the UFC. According to the Associated Press and MMA Weekly, Sonnen signed a multi-fight deal to compete in Bellator MMA.

I guess this is big news if you are a fan of watching Chael fight (it’s like watching paint dry). He is kind of like GSP if GSP had less athleticism and skill. I do appreciate his antics behind the microphone though. He revolutionized the hype machine with his quick barbs and banter (you are welcome Conor McGregor) and really got people paying attention to the press conferences. Bellator keeps doing the right things when it comes to free agents (no USADA, cough cough). The UFC can’t pull an Alistair Overeem and sleep on them (that was a quick shout out to Stipe for his victory at UFC 203) or the promotion will keep growing (like their fighters do with no real testing program).

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