huck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz

Chuck Liddell Knew Tito Ortiz Was Afraid of Him…Duh!!!

Published On December 28, 2015 | MMA News

MMAJunkie – It was one of the great rivalries in MMA history, and also one of the more one-sided.

Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz

When UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell finally got the chance to fight Tito Ortiz, it took just over two rounds for him to stop his former training partner by TKO at UFC 47.

Liddell, the former light heavyweight champion, watched the fight the other day and was reminded of how confident he was of a victory.

“I’m actually smirking in my walkout,” Liddell recently told longtime broadcaster Joe Buck on Buck’s show “Undeniable with Joe Buck.” “That’s how confident I felt walking out. It was just one of those fights. I knew he was afraid of me.”

I listened to the interview and thought, duh, what person alive wouldn’t be scared of Chuck Liddell in his prime? He could knock you down with the wind that comes off his fist when he punches. That dude was a beast. He had you defeated way before the fight started. The Mohawk, the muscles and the ability to knock down a house with a jab was terrifying. Mike Tyson had the same impact on people. It was a thing of beauty and I am sure Chuck takes a little bit more pride in destroying Tito Ortiz the way he did. On a side note, Chuck Liddell is still a beast. If his chin was still holding up, he would still be knocking peoples teeth out.

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