CM Punk Believes Being A Mystery Will Help In His First Fight

Published On February 9, 2016 | MMA News

CM Punk spoke to MMA junkie recently and this is what he had to say about his future opponent Mickey Gall: “Him, you, everybody – they have no idea what I’m going to bring to the table,” Punk said. “That’s an advantage, obviously. … I’m indifferent, and I’m just happy he didn’t get hurt so we can do this thing as soon as possible. Being a mystery helps, but like I said, he’s kind of a mystery too, so we’ll see.”

On one hand I agree with him, but on the other hand I have to think Mickey Gall will be more confident going into the fight because he doesn’t have to fear CM Punk’s standup (because it is a mystery) and he doesn’t have to fear his ground game (because it is a mystery).  Sometimes when your opponent knows what you are good at, it makes them a little gun-shy. It will be an interesting fight. My eyes will be glued to the television and if CM Punk gets his face smashed in we will all pretend we were not rooting for him. Maybe the Undertaker will come out and take him out of the octagon in a casket.

CM Punk Mickey Gall

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