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CM Punk To Mickey Gall: ‘You’re Obviously A Better Man Than I Am’

Published On September 15, 2016 | MMA News

Despite the disappointment after suffering a loss in his professional debut, CM Punk still felt the need to embrace his opponent Mickey Gall and give him some words of encouragement after their fight.

All week long in the lead up to their bout at UFC 203, Gall said that he didn’t feel like he belonged on the fight poster or even on the main card alongside Punk.

In a newly released video from the UFC just seconds after the fight ended, Punk gives Gall a hug and explains how he definitely belongs and that the 24-year-old New Jersey native should always believe in himself.

“Listen to me. Don’t ever say you don’t belong, OK? You always belong,” Punk said. “You’ve got to believe in yourself.”

You’re obviously a better man than I am, OK? Don’t ever short yourself. Everybody else wants to short you. You know, I believed in myself. You’ve got to believe in yourself as much as I believed in me.

Weird, that is exactly the same thing Joe Rogan said to Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ when they were feuding. Just kidding (I think). I am glad CM Punk was a good sport and recognized getting beat within minutes of the opening round means the other guy was better. I think Mickey Gall is legit and should do some big things in the sport but it looked like he blew his wad by the time he secured the choke. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Punk could have survived to see a round 2. Who am I kidding? He would have been taken down again and beat up some more. I think CM should enter some grappling tournaments and gain some experience that way. On a side note – does CM stand for Can’t Mount!!! Ha, that was a pretty funny jiu-jitsu joke.

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