Conor McGregor Causes Controversy Posing With A Gun

Published On September 2, 2016 | MMA News

Daily Mail – Conor McGregor may be used to making headlines but he has caused controversy with his most recent social media post due to its poor taste.

Posing in a red robe with gold detail, the current UFC featherweight champion took to his Instagram page to show off a shotgun.

Conor McGregor Gun UFC

Standing with a widened stance, he looks menacingly into the camera and has added the caption: ‘You need people like me,’ a line used by Tony Montana in the legendary 1983 film Scarface.

While the post was more than likely just another way for the Irishman to flaunt his deserved wealth, some fans appreciated the image, while others were quick to vent anger, responding with fierce criticism.

‘Why post a pic with a gun when its (sic) guns what kill innocent people everyday and you hold it like its a toy?’, one user wrote.

‘What a d***. Clearly had all the taste punched out of him,’ was another comment.

Holly Carpenter – a former Miss Ireland winner – took to her Twitter, writing: ‘Ah why did McGregor just post a photo on Instagram holding a gun’.

I don’t know where you stand on the gun debate and I don’t really care. The only reason I am posting this blog is to paste the picture from Happy Gilmore (below). This is a funny shirt and always will be. I can solve the gun debate too. Instead of people making the argument that cars kill people as well so maybe we should take those away…lets change the argument. Alcohol causes people to drive drunk and kill people with their cars so let’s ban beer, wine and spirits. Everybody loves getting hammered so if they think the conversation is shifting and people may come after their adult beverages they will stop talking about the subject all together. Boom, vote me for President. I will have Mexico paying for my web hosting.

Happy Gilmore Guns Conor McGregor

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