UFC 205 press conference Conor McGregor Fan Eddie Alzarez

Conor McGregor Fan Trolls Eddie Alvarez At UFC 205 Press Conference

Published On September 28, 2016 | MMA News

There was a press conference for UFC 205 yesterday and it did not disappoint. They allowed fans to participate in a Q&A and things got weird. The UFC knew an overzealous fan would eventually say something to make headlines and it worked. We call that a work in the professional wrestling business.  I am not a professional wrestler but I do write for BDA Radio and they sponsor the Wrestling Podcast About Nothing (that gives me permission to use their lingo). I wasn’t sure what the Conor McGregor fan was asking but the notorious one did and let Alvarez have it. I think the lead-up is going to be great because Eddie is not going to back down in terms of trash talk and we all know Conor can get under peoples skin. McGregor is a cross between a heel and a face (Boom, I couldn’t have written this blog if it wasn’t for #WPAN).

Check out the video of the moment from MMA Weekly:

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