Conor McGregor UFC 206 Title

Conor McGregor Gives Up Featherweight Championship

Published On November 28, 2016 | MMA News

UFC officials announced Conor McGregor has relinquished his featherweight championship. The jury is still out on whether he relinquished or was forced to give it up in order to save UFC 206 after the DC injury (it is basically the same thing except different). Now get ready to follow along because the story gets kind of strange.

Jose Aldo (you know, the guy Conor knocked silly in 13 seconds) will be the new champion of the division and Max Holloway will meet Anthony Pettis in the main event at UFC 206 for the interim UFC featherweight belt. The winner will face Aldo at some point in 2017 (I like the commitment). I know what you are going to ask…why is that fight for the interim title and not the #1 contender spot? I have a perfectly reasonable answer for you…WHO KNOWS!!! I am sure selling a card with an interim title fight will be easier than selling a card with a number 1 contender spot but it all seems so weird (like 2 girls 1 cup weird).

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