Conor McGregor Inducts Himself Into The UFC Hall of Fame

Published On February 2, 2016 | MMA News

Conor McGregor has a ferocious Twitter game!!! If you don’t believe me check out his tweets below:

MMA is still considered a new sport so if Conor takes his 2nd belt against RDA he would be a shoo-in for Cooperstown. Hey Champ, Cooperstown is not where the UFC Hall of Fame is. Whatever, I write what comes to mind and Cooperstown sounds more prestigious than Las Vegas. I am not even sure Las Vegas is where the UFC Hall of Fame is but I am not paid to write the facts. Hey Champ, me again. I think you are paid to write the facts. No, that is not true. I do not write news stories I just commentate on them. That is what I call living the dream.

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