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Conor McGregor May Have Justin Bieber Walk Out With Him To The Octagon

Published On March 15, 2016 | MMA News

Fox Sports – Nate Diaz isn’t a big fan of Justin Bieber and the platinum-selling artist feels the same about Diaz. So Bieber has thrown his support behind Conor McGregor, who is working his way back from his upset loss to the Diaz earlier this month.

TMZ Sports ran into McGregor and asked him if he knew he was being backed by Bieber.

“Yeah I did hear about that,” McGregor said. “That’s brilliant. It’s brilliant to have the support of people. I look forward to coming back with a vengeance.”

So McGregor is down with Bieber but would he ever have him come out to the Octagon with him before a match?

“Yeah sure. Why not?” McGregor said.

OK, not exactly a ringing endorsement, but Conor’s saying there’s a chance. We read ya.

I hate this move. Justin Bieber is an ego maniac and there is no way Conor should condone that kind of behavior. Wow, as soon as I wrote that I came to my senses. Conor made a career out of acting the same way so this move makes perfect sense. It will also do wonders for reinforcing the bad blood between Justin and Nate Diaz. I would love the Beibs to think he has what it takes to confront Nate at a show and get put to sleep before his bodyguards can come to his rescue. I could see the confrontation going something like this

Nate Diaz: Hey, Justin, I heard you were talking smack about me

Justin Bieber: What do you mean?

Nate Diaz: I mean, I saw the post on Instagram and that was not cool homie

Justin Bieber: Sorry!!!

Nate Diaz: It is too late to say sorry, I am going to give you a Stockton slap (Nate slaps Justin)

Justin Bieber: (Cries)

Nate Diaz: Baby!!!

That entire conversation was genius because I was able to fit in a bunch of Bieber songs and you had no idea what I was doing. If I could bottle my creativity up, I would make a trillion dollars. Don’t worry, I would keep writing, as long as you love me…Boom, hit you with another one!!!

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