UFC 196 PPV Record

Dana White Said UFC 196 Broke UFC Record For Most PPV Buys

Published On March 11, 2016 | MMA News

Dana White spoke with Max & Marcellus of ESPN and stated the following:

“We broke all our records on Saturday night,” White said. “It was the biggest PPV we ever did. Social media was ridiculous. Even on FOX, FOX was for the prelims, on FOX right? We were number one on all broadcast and cable, you know, from 8-10 in every of the major demographics. You name it, we broke the record on Saturday night. It was incredible.”

This goes to show you how much power and influence Conor McGregor has in the sport of MMA. It also shows you he picked the right opponent for UFC 196 because fans were excited and purchased the fight. I know Conor ended up on the losing side of a submission, so calling it the right fight may be a stretch…but bringing in millions of fans (many of them new) and growing the sport can’t be bad for anybody on that card. Paydays will continue to climb and people will still be interested in seeing McGregor defend the 145 belt. He hits hard, has a lot of skill and can sell any fight with his gift of gab. I am sure Holly Holm helped the numbers too. People wanted to see the lady that knocked out Ronda Rousey smash somebody else’s face in. Unfortunately for her, Miesha Tate showed up ready to work all five rounds. Miesha also showed up at the weigh-in sporting a great butt and a smile.

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