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Dana White Wants Jon Jones Vs. Anthony Johnson To See Who Fights Daniel Cormier

Published On August 24, 2016 | MMA News

MMAWeekly – Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier are both ready to rematch each other, but UFC president Dana White may have other plans, which include currently suspended fighter Jon Jones.

Jones was pulled from the UFC 200 main event opposite Cormier three days prior to fight time. At that time, he and the UFC were notified by the United States Anti-Doping Agency that Jones was flagged for a potential anti-doping violation.

Although it’s very rare that a fighter avoids punishment after a positive drug test, it appears that Jones may not face a lengthy suspension, at least not according to White, who is already talking about booking him in a fight.

“(Jones) has got 13 lives. It’s looking good for him,” White said on a recent episode of UFC Unfiltered. “I think he’s got a deal with Nevada right now in this thing that went down. We’ll see how this thing plays out, but it’s looking good for him.”

“I’m in a weird place,” White said. “I’ve still got to talk to (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva and see what he thinks, but I’m thinking maybe we do Anthony Johnson vs. Jon Jones to see who gets to fight Daniel Cormier.”

“People can think whatever they want about Jon Jones, he’s one of the greatest ever to participate in this sport. The guy is so (expletive) talented, but he does not stop getting in trouble. It’s so sad to see because the fights that this guy could be in, the records that this guy could break, if he can just get his (expletive) together.”

When I first heard the news I was angry Jon Jones would get to insert himself back into the title picture so easily. Then, I realized I would finally get to see Rumble take on Bones and got pretty excited (nearly split the front of my pants). I would love to see how Jones deals with the power of Johnson because most people deal with it by taking a little nap in the center of the octagon. If the fight makes it out of the first round, Jones wins hands down. Actually, hands up because if you drop your meat sticks near Rumble you could end up on in the ground. Anthony Johnson is the most dangerous man in the sport and I can’t wait to see these two guys tee off on each others face.

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