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Daniel Cormier Files Complaint To Change Herb Dean From UFC 197 Rematch With Jon Jones

Published On March 25, 2016 | MMA News

Bloody Elbow – At a Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) meeting on Wednesday, the referees and judges were selected for the UFC’s upcoming pay-per-view event, UFC 197, which is headlined by a highly anticipated light heavyweight title bout between champ Daniel Cormier and former titleholder Jon Jones.

Veteran referee Herb Dean was selected to referee the two rivals in their rematch next month. Dean was also the third man in the cage in their first bout back at UFC 182 early last year.

Cormier, however, was not okay with the NSAC’s plans to have Dean referee his fight with Jones again. Over the phone, the UFC champion expressed his opinion on the referee in an official complaint. He said he believed Dean allowed Jones to stall the action in the later rounds in their first fight in January 2015.

This is a smart move by Daniel Cormier as long as he is doing this strictly to get in Jon Jones/Herb Deans head…But, if he truly believes Herb Dean was a contributing factor in the loss, this could be a bad sign for DC. Even if Cormier doesn’t win his complaint (I am not even sure you can win complaints) Herb Dean will probably ref a little differently knowing he was called out. I know as a fight fan I hate seeing action stall and I constantly yell at the TV hoping the ref can hear my screams…kind of the opposite from when I was younger and would have my girlfriend sneak in my bedroom. I didn’t want anyone to hear her screams. We both know she wasn’t screaming. I am lucky to get an ooh being hung like a ken doll.

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