Darren Elkins The Damage Tattoo

Darren Elkins New Tattoo Is Bad (Not In A Good Way)!!!

Published On October 5, 2016 | MMA News

Hmmm, we all know somebody with a terrible tattoo. My buddy Jerry got a 2” cobra on his arm and placed it right on his shirt line so people could see he had some ink (I wanted to laugh but we were 18). I even have a skinny tribal around my arm (all the cool kids were doing it). It looked okay when I was 160lbs (tribal armbands are never okay) but then I gained a ton of weight and now it looks undersized to say the least. Brock Lesnar has a giant penis on his sternum (I know it is supposed to be a sword, right?), Joe Riggs has ‘Diesel’ on his stomach, and now Darren Elkins has ‘The Damage’ on his chest. That tattoo is so literal and I have a feeling USADA is going to be stopping by his house later this week (I can only hope drugs made him do it). Check it out below.

Got some new ink today by John at Culture Shock in Valpo #tattoos #tattoo @lyonking4713

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