The Divas Revolution is No More…Welcoming Back the WWE Women’s Championship

Published On April 1, 2016 | Wrestling News

Bleacher Report – In the process of furthering and elevating women’s wrestling, rebranding the WWE Divas division is a vital step but by no means the final one.

As of now, WWE holds fast to the term “Diva” to describe its female wrestlers. It’s a term that stirs up images of catfights, women stripped down to their underwear and petty squabbles instead of wrestling. After WrestleMania 32 comes to a close, though, WWE may be ready to do away with that terminology.

According to PWInsider Elite (h/t Wrestling Inc), WWE is planning to replace the Divas division with the women’s division, a transition that would include introducing a brand-new WWE Women’s Championship to take the place of the Divas title. This would all start on the Raw following WrestleMania 32.

It’s amazing what can happen to a once dormant division when you find athletic, competent, passionate women who care about wrestling. Marred for years by Bra and Panties matches, “puppies” and a reality TV show, it was clear the WWE’s main focus when it came to the ladies was T & A (no I’m not talking about Test & Albert). It’s not that there isn’t a market for the sex appeal that the division once stood for, its that you can have that same sex appeal with Women who are actually good at, you know, WRESTLING. Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch have shown the entire WWE Universe what NXT fans already knew, Women can be just as entertaining as the Men inside that 20 X 20 ring.

Now, it finally looks like we’ll see the final nail put in the coffin of a time period in Women’s wrestling that would be best forgotten. The “Divas” moniker should be reserved for the E! Reality series that is less based in reality than Raw or Smackdown are. Let these Women go out and compete for a Women’s Championship and not some Diva’s Title that looks like it is straight from the minds of the creators of My Little Pony. If the rumors are indeed true, kudos to WWE for realizing what they have and most importantly kudos to the Women there now who are busting their asses to prove they deserve equal billing to the men.

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