Alexandre Almeida

Does This Look Like an Anaconda From the Amazon?

Published On December 16, 2015 | MMA News

MMA Junkie – At WSOF 26, Alexandre Almeida will have the biggest opportunity of his career, taking on Lance Palmer for the featherweight championship. The opportunity comes on the heels of a rear-naked choke of Saul Almeida in the first round at WSOF 24.

Alexandre Almeida

When Almeida (17-5) secured the choke, he had his opponent’s arm trapped. It was an effective way to reduce defensive options, but it wasn’t planned, it was just a part of how Almeida approaches any situation.

“Nothing was planned,” Almeida told MMAjunkie. “I do it on the fly. As I see things, I make my own path. I come from the jungle. I’m a native. I cut my way through the jungle. As I see openings, that’s how I choose what to do next. It can be a foot, hand, neck, or arm, I’ll wrap around anything I see. My intention is to end the fight. I’m an anaconda from the Amazon. I wrap around anything. Whatever I see, I wrap around it and get the submission.”

Hey, I respect Alexandre Almeida for thinking he is an anaconda from the Amazon. That has been my pickup line for years (although, I may change it slightly to be a certain part of my body that rhymes with g-nis). If the fans of WSOF respond anything like the ladies did, his opponent is getting tapped. That was a sexual innuendo that has no real belonging in an article about mixed martial arts. Especially, when he is fighting a dude from Team Alpha Male. All kinds of strange if you ask me.

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