Does This Look Like The Most Jacked Kid Ever?

Published On December 7, 2015 | MMA News

Sage Northcutt 2

That is a picture of Sage Northcutt at 4 years old. Look at his 12 pack. Is there any denying he was destined for greatness. Super Sage doesn’t have to pretend to be Clark Kent during the day…he has so much sex appeal and talent that he walks around as Super Man 24/7. He slays so much Lois Lane tail that I bet he has sex with fat girls now. When you can have everything you want, you become numb to the tens of the world and start banging fours. Don’t hate the playa hate the perfect DNA he was blessed with. If GSP had a baby with Jean Claude Van Damme he would come out as Sage Northcutt. The man will probably be champion of every weight class. When he is done beating everybody in the UFC, he will probably destroy ISIS. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dana White puts him in the hall of fame tomorrow. There are two guarantees in life…death and Sage Northcutt being champion.


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