Evolve Will Host WWE Cruiserweight Classic Showcase

Published On June 28, 2016 | Wrestling News

Wrestlezone – EVOLVE / WWN Live’s Gabe Sapolsky posted the following announcement, revealing EVOLVE will host WWE Cruiserweight Classic Showcase matches next month:

Breaking News: EVOLVE to host WWE Cruiserweight Classic Showcase Matches on 7/16 in Queens, NY, 7/17 in Melrose, MA, 8/19 in Joppa, MD and 8/20 in Brooklyn, NY. More info in the next WWN Alerts. Tix & info on all events at DGUSA.tv.

EVOLVE also hosted the WWE “Cruiserweight Classic Flashpoint” match at EVOLVE 63, which saw Tony Nese earn his way into the WWE Cruiserwight Classic tournament.

It’s clear the WWE/Evolve relationship is…wait for it…evolving. It’s really a brilliant move by WWE because now their tentacles are far reaching into the Independent Wrestling world as well. Evolve showcases some of the best pro wrestling you can’t see on television and WWE officials have attended several Evolve events. For them to trust any company with using their name in the branding of an event or matches really says something about how they feel about Gabe Sapolsky. The Cruiserweight Classic is something that is pretty groundbreaking and you have to wonder if one day we’ll all look back at this inaugural event as the starting point of a seismic shift in pro wrestling.

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