Fabricio Werdum Conor McGregor

Fabricio Werdum: I would have slapped Conor McGregor at UFC 197 press conference

Published On January 22, 2016 | MMA News
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MMA Fighting – LOS ANGELES — Conor McGregor won the UFC featherweight championship, will fight for the lightweight championship in March, and has already started talking about challenging for the welterweight title.

Fabricio Werdum Conor McGregor

But if he keeps yapping about Kings MMA, he might find himself in the crosshairs of a heavyweight.

UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum was among those watching Wednesday’s UFC 197 press conference in Las Vegas, which promoted the March 6 fight between McGregor and lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

McGregor repeatedly insulted the soft-spoken dos Anjos, Werdum’s teammate at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, Calif. And the heavyweight champ, who was in Los Angeles on Thursday promoting his UFC 196 title rematch with Cain Velasquez, didn’t take too kindly to his words.

“When have a fight with my friend, you have a fight with me, too,” Werdum said. “We’re a family. If you say something bad, you pay for this for sure.”

Werdum took particular exception to McGregor’s habit of talking over dos Anjos when the lightweight champ was asked questions by reporters during the press conference, and by his demeanor in the staredown photo-op.

The heavyweight champ insinuated he would throw his water in McGregor’s face and slap him if McGregor ever attempted to try something like that with him.

I do not think I would want Fabricio Werdum mad at me. If he ever threw water in my face and slapped me I would walk away…after I woke up from the 15 year coma the hit put me in. I am not saying I don’t have a chin, but people who live with glass jaws, shouldn’t throw mean spirited insult stones. Conor will have to watch his back around Werdum or this could end up looking like the scene from Princess Bride when Andrea the Giant fights Westley (that description seemed way more masculine in my head). I do not think it would end well for Fabricio because when you are 3 feet taller and weigh in at over 200-pounds more than McGregor you are not going to have many people taking your side. There are weight classes for a reason. Hasn’t he ever seen UFC 1? Although, if Conor can survive 8 minutes he may have a shot because we all know heavyweights blow their load.

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