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Fabricio Werdum Won’t Retire Because He Is Making Cash!!!

Published On December 29, 2015 | MMA News

Fabricio Werdum 1

Sherdog – Fabricio Werdum is at the top of his game, but rumors of the UFC heavyweight champion’s imminent retirement have sprung up in recent weeks. Forums and social media in Brazil and beyond have seen speculation that, should he successfully defend his belt against Cain Velasquez at UFC 196, “Vai Cavalo” will hang up his gloves. In fact, two years ago, Werdum himself stated that he would walk away if he could submit then-champion Velasquez in their first meeting. Now, however, things have changed. In a recent interview with Sherdog.com, Werdum — with his usual sense of humor — denied any new rumors that his career is coming to a close. “Now that I’m getting rich, why would I retire? No way! I want to make history” Werdum told Sherdog.com. “I want to be considered the best heavyweight fighter in history by the fans. I started beating Fedor [Emelianenko], [Mark] Hunt, Velasquez — a long list. I was always considered the underdog. So, now I think I’m starting a new phase in my career where I’m not the underdog anymore.

I can’t argue with that logic. People say things like this all the time. It is an empty promise. I tell my girlfriend if she doesn’t cook me dinner, I will go out and find a girl that does. Everybody knows I am too fat, ugly and lazy to make good on that threat. If this were 10 years ago, I would dump her in an instant. Now, I am just grateful she ties my shoes when I can’t bend over. As for Werdum…of course he is going to keep fighting. He is making some serious cash. He didn’t believe he was going to beat Cain Velasquez and that is why he made that statement. Once, you get a taste of fame and fortune you don’t want to go back to living with the common folk.


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