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Fedor Emelianenko’s victory over Fabio Maldonado overturned

Published On July 15, 2016 | MMA News
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MMAFighting.comFabio Maldonado’s quest to have his loss to Fedor Emelianenko finally overturned appears to have worked. Sort of.

On Friday, the World MMA Association announced Maldonaldo’s bout result in Eurasia Fight Nights (EFN) 50, majority decision loss from June 17, would be overturned to a draw on two counts. The organization said Maldonado’s concern about conflicts of interest with Emelianenko as well as scoring inadequacies was enough to overturn the result.

“The fact that the fighter, Fedor Emelianenko, being the President of the Russian MMA Union and the Head of Judge, Radmir Gabdullin, have a work relationship could potentially affected the judgmental decisions. We are not saying that this relationship has led to a different outcome of the result, but it is an unfortunate choice,” said Secretary General of WMMAA, Alexander Engelhardt.

“Another mistake made was the refusing of the appeal. This is was based on the Amateur rules of the WMMAA and this fight was done under the professional rules of WMMAA.”

This marks the second appeal attempt by Maldonado and his representatives. The Brazilian first appealed to the Russian MMA Union in June, but was rebuffed. Maldonado argued Emelianenko, who is the president of the Russian MMA Union, participating in a fight regulated by the same union he heads is ethically problematic, especially in the case of the union’s task in assigning judges. The organization’s vice president Radmir Gabdullin, who reportedly has a working relationship with Emelianenko and is a former M-1 Global fighter, ultimately denied Maldonaldo’s appeal. He argued Maldonado should have appealed within forty minutes of the bout’s conclusion in order to formally file an appeal, a condition which Maldonado said he was unaware.

On the second criteria, WMMAA said it tasked three independent judges to score the fight and each returned a 28-28 scorecard. This backs Maldonado’s argument the first round in his bout with Emelianenko should’ve been scored a 10-8 given his strong performance. Even if he had lost the subsequent two rounds, Maldonado argued, the bout should’ve been scored a draw.

“Regarding the second criterion. Marco Broersen as Head of the Professional Referees has selected three judges who were not working at the fight to judge the Maldonado vs Fedor fight,” said Engelhardt. “All Judges came to the same conclusion of 28-28 (Draw).”

This fight had controversy written all over it from the start. How can you be the President of the Russian MMA Union and have the same union regulate the fight you are in?

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