So Final Deletion was…Special

Published On July 7, 2016 | Wrestling News

They say all publicity is good publicity. If that’s the case then Impact Wrestling hit a Grand Slam because Final Deletion has created an enormous amount of buzz. The culmination of the over 15 year saga of The Hardy Boyz happened on their family property in a overly produced segment (I’m not sure it can be called a match). Produced like a low budget action flick, the actual wrestling was slow and sub par (probably because there was no live crowd to feed off of) and the acting in it was bizarre. There were high spots and huge bumps, but nobody live to see it. The brothers shot fireworks at each other and then ended up in a lake. After Matt Hardy seemingly drowned his brother Jeff, Willow suddenly emerged from the water. I guess I’m just not sure of what I witnessed, what the point of it was and where it will end up. I’m just confused, but much like everyone else I’m talking about Final Deletion. If that was the goal, then A plus.

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