Are We Finally Going to See Brock Lesnar vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 33?

Published On May 2, 2016 | Wrestling News – At WrestleMania 32 this year, Brock Lesnar ended up defeating Dean Ambrose in a No Holds Barred Street Fight. Many thought the match was “okay,” but not really anything special. It appears as if some within WWE feel the exact same way, and they are looking to make WrestleMania 33 much more important for the “Beast Incarnate.” Apparently, Vince McMahon has plans in place for Lesnar, but can he really pull off a match against The Rock?

Lesnar’s match against Ambrose is one that was built up pretty well in the weeks leading up to WrestleaMania 32, and it had some violence and good moments. Still, it seemed to be rather lackluster and not really “main event” quality.

Reportedly, that didn’t sit well with Vince McMahon at all.


According to the Daily Wrestling News, McMahon honestly feels as if Lesnar was “wasted” for this year’s WrestleMania. Considering the amount of money that Lesnar receives for each appearance, Vince just doesn’t think that what was done with him this year is worth the cash that WWE is shelling out for him.

As Forbes has pointed out, Lesnar is making $6 million per year from WWE, and he’s not even working a full schedule. It makes a lot of sense as to why Vince McMahon feels that a match at WrestleMania 32 without a title on the line or even in the main event was a “waste.”

That being said, Vinnie-Mac wants to get more for his money at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, and he has much bigger plans for Lesnar. Yes, McMahon wants to have him face off with one of the biggest superstars in wrestling history: The Rock.


First off, disagree with the assessment that Brock Lesnar was completely wasted this year at Wrestlemania. My belief is that WWE didn’t do enough to make Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose feel bigger. The could have been and should have been the launching point for Ambrose’s rise to the number one babyface in the company. While I thoroughly enjoyed the match, it unfortunately did not do that and it had nothing to do with the content or outcome of the match. It’s all in the way WWE built it before and treated it afterwards. Here we are a little more than a month out and there’s barely a mention on how Ambrose went toe-to-toe with The Beast Incarnate.

With that aside, nobody can argue that Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock would be an epic Wrestlemania encounter. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see this? The question is can and would The Rock do this match? For one, Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the galaxy and can’t risk getting injured. He makes far more from movie studios than WWE could ever pay him and that’s where his obligations lie. Secondly, have you seen a Brock Lesnar match? Lesnar dominates his opponents but launching them with suplex after suplex. Is The Rock going to want to be tossed around like that? Is he going to want to be presented as another guy who took a trip to Suplex City?

No matter how badly the WWE, Vince McMahon and fans want to see this match, I can’t imagine it actually happens. Another factor is you’re putting two part timers together in a match that would have to be the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Would the company not ultimately get more out of putting them in separate matches with other Superstars? It’s a cool fantasy matchup (that we have actually seen before) that can certainly be played out over and over again on the WWE 2K Video Game series. I do not believe you will see it again on actual WWE programming.

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