Featherstone Prison Fight Club UK

The First Rule Of Prison Fight Club Is: You Film It And Put It On The Internet

Published On February 8, 2017 | MMA News

I am not sure what Tyler Durden would say about this leaked cell phone footage from Featherstone Prison Fight Club in the U.K. because everybody knows the first two rules of Fight Club are: you do not talk about Fight Club.

It became apparent from the first few seconds of the video that the dude with the melanin was way more athletic (that is the sneaky way of describing black guys without coming across racist) than the guy blocking punches with his face. Maybe if Mr. Arian Nation watched the UFC from time to time he would realize keeping your chin up and hands down is a bad idea when you wear 4oz gloves duct tape.

It appears the person filming the video uploaded it to Facebook and it went viral. Oh scratch that, it appears the only thing viral is the HIV blood all over the prison floor (I assume its HIV blood since they are criminals) from fighting in an unsanctioned and unsanitary environment. A piece of advice from a middle school me…15 will get you 20. #RapeJokes


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