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I Found Another Cute Dog Breed Called The Bec Rawlings

Published On October 26, 2016 | MMA News

Yesterday, I did a story on a dog breed I found called the Paige VanZant that I made a bunch of inappropriate comments about. Today, I see another breed of dog that is equally as pristine called the Bec Rawlings. This type of dog is famous for a colorful short coat that helps her stand apart from the crowd. I am hoping the Bec Rawlings is a lap dog (for obvious reasons) and I know it is kind of gross I am saying that about a K9 but I would be the one chasing her tail if you know what I mean. I would bury my bone in her back yard. I am going to stop right there since I am making myself uncomfortable. Don’t worry, no pets were harmed during the writing of this blog or ever will be. I am sure “Rowdy” would appreciate my sick sense of humor. She is one hot B*TCH!!!

???????? #reina #lapatrona #frenchbulldog #frenchiesofinstagram

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