France Bans MMA

France Bans MMA!!!

Published On October 28, 2016 | MMA News

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been banned in France (yeah, we think it is stupide (that is French for stupid) too). A press release was distributed with the title: “Decree relating to technical regulations and security for public combat sport events.” In that document it outlawed the octagonal cage and several integral techniques.

“Fights will take place on a carpet or in a ring with three or four ropes. The corners of the ring will be protected” the report read (that part kind of reminded me of Pride so I didn’t hate that).

“The following techniques are strictly outlawed and will lead to immediate disqualification: Punches, kicks or strikes with the knees against a fighter on the ground; any strike with the elbow; headbutts; blows to the genitals, the spine, the back of the head or the throat; putting the fingers in the eyes, mouth or nose; Pulling the hair; biting; throwing (the opponent) intentionally onto the head or neck; throwing the opponent out of the ring.”

Well, that last paragraph is where they can go eat a big fat anaconda…choke.

The official French MMA Federation, CFMMA, announced they will legally challenge the new laws. Bertrand Amoussou, president of the French mixed martial arts commission, stated:

“It’s amazing given the timing and it is disrespectful.”

“The Ministry takes us for idiots. All countries have recognized MMA in Europe except France and Norway.”

“I hoped it would not come to this but the CFMMA will launch a legal action to contest this decree.”

This sounds like New York all over again (just in a different part of the world). I am eagerly waiting to see how this turns out.

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