Jose Aldo Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo Turned Down Conor McGregor Fight

Published On February 23, 2016 | MMA News

Fox Sports – UFC is scrambling to find an opponent for Conor McGregor after his UFC 196 headlining opponent — lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos — pulled out with a broken foot. McGregor reportedly still wants to fight at UFC 196, and his promoters no-doubt want to take advantage of his marketability and gameness.

Jose Aldo Frankie Edgar

According to Jose Aldo’s manager and coach, the former champion was offered a rematch with McGregor but they wisely turned it down. Kevin Iole reports that UFC president Dana White also made former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar the bout.

“White said the UFC offered the fight to Frankie Edgar and that Edgar turned it down, citing an injury,” he wrote.

These kinds of stories make me angry. I was mad the UFC wouldn’t give Jose Aldo a rematch and now after hearing this I hope he never gets to fight Conor again. If you don’t have the balls to step up on short notice, you don’t deserve to fight for millions of dollars. Conor was right about him and now I know who I will be rooting for…Anybody fighting Aldo. I will give Frankie Edgar a pass because they cited an injury but that makes me suspicious as well. You know Faber and many other guys would take this fight in a heartbeat even if they had to do it with a missing limb. You can’t teach heart, but you can root against people who don’t have it. Ef Jose Aldo and sort of ef Frankie Edgar.

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