Georges St-Pierre UFC 206 Comback

Georges St-Pierre Could Come Back For UFC 206

Published On August 26, 2016 | MMA News

Sports Joe – Rush is in the middle of negotiations with the UFC’s new owners after stalling during the company’s $4 billion sale, to WME-IMG, last month.

The former UFC Welterweight champion is three years out of the fight game but has pushed himself hard in his Montreal and Los Angeles training bases and is confident he could do some damage in a comeback run.

UFC president Dana White is convinced GSP will not fight in the promotion again but there has been a positive update via MMA Fighting. St-Pierre said:

“All the stars are aligned. I’m not lying to you, it’s not done yet. It’s not done at this point. We still have to talk to the new owners soon, see what they’ve gotta say…

“We put our cards on the table, see what’s going to happen. I think my agents are talking to the new owners pretty soon. So we’re going to have some news.”

While many expected St-Pierre to feature at UFC 205, at Madison Square Garden in November, if he did return, the Canadian is holding out for UFC 206. That PPV will be held in Toronto on December 10.

As for his comeback opponent, GSP says he has many options – Michael Bisping and Tyron Woodley have recently been mentioned by the man himself.

Asked about a second fight with Nick Diaz, he replied, “It could be very possible to happen.”

This is big news for the UFC if GSP makes his return December 10th. He is a cash cow and people love to see him fight (zzzzzzzzzz, in my book). I get he is one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot in a cage, but I am not a huge fan of his style. I don’t like when people are better at one aspect of the game, and that dictates the entire fight (I don’t care if people should be able to stop his take-downs). If you are a true martial artist, I would think you would like to challenge yourself in all aspects of the competition. Don’t go in there to win on scorecards, go in there to win on skills (plural). It is cool you have been training your stand-up, but uncool if you never stand-up.


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