Georges St-Pierre UFC Fighter Pay

Georges St-Pierre Opens Up About Fighters Working For Almost Free

Published On July 5, 2016 | MMA News

MMA Fighting – Georges St-Pierre dropped a bombshell on earlier this month when he revealed on The MMA Hour that he is in negotiations to return to the UFC. It was the first definitive indication from St-Pierre that the ex-UFC welterweight champion is ready to end his near three-year hiatus from mixed martial arts, however St-Pierre also cautioned that he was willing to let the process play out with his team in the negotiating room before committing to anything final.

“That’s how it should be done,” St-Pierre said on The MMA Hour. “That’s the problem with a lot of guys who complain they don’t get paid enough. It’s because they’re ready to sign anything. They got caught with their emotion and they sign anything. They’re going to fight for peanuts. You don’t want to do that. If you do that, you’ve penalized the other guys who want to get paid more.

“Why would they (the UFC) pay some guys more money if they can get another guy almost for free, you know what I mean? As partners, I think they should be more aware of this. It’s important.”

GSP has some valid points when discussing fighter pay. The NBA, NFL, etc. have large player unions that explain these types of situations to players before they sign their contracts. When you take a discount you are impacting the average salary numbers. A lot of guys depend on those figures to get paid and when somebody signs for less than what they are worth it decreases player value overall. If a mid-tier guy usually signs for the league average there is no way he wants that number brought down by guys taking discounts. That directly impacts his checkbook. People need to get paid what they are worth…especially when your job involves getting punched and kicked in the face.

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