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Goldberg Rumored to Headline WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018; Five More Names Also Rumored

Published On December 18, 2017 | Wrestling News

As you’ve probably heard by now, WWE CEO Vince McMahon has started a privately funded business called Alpha Entertainment to explore projects in the sports and entertainment world, outside of pro wrestling. That story was started because a conservative blogger named Brad Shepard sent out a tweet claiming that Mr. McMahon was actually in talks to bring back the XFL, which led to Deadspin journalist David Bixenspan reaching out to WWE, who confirmed the existence of Alpha Entertainment.

At the same time as Shepard released his tweet about the XFL, he also claimed that six big names were currently on the docket for the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018. Those names are Goldberg, the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von), Ivory, Bam Bam Bigelow and Kid Rock.

While this should be taken strictly as a rumor for the time being, considering we still don’t have confirmation that Vince McMahon is actually thinking about resurrecting the XFL, all five of these names seem outside of the realm of possibility to join the Hall of Fame next April in New Orleans. Goldberg has been rumored for the Hall of Fame for several years, and many anticipated with his recent return to WWE that it was only a matter of time.

Bam Bam Bigelow (real name: Scott Bigelow) is a name that many fans have been petitioning for for many years. The 400-pound star was best known for being one of the premier super heavyweight wrestlers that could move around the ring with great agility and in-ring ability. He won gold in ECW, WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling and carried legendary NFL star Lawrence Taylor in the main event match of WrestleMania XI. Bigelow passed away in 2007.

Ivory (real name: Lisa Moretti) was one of the few women from the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) origination that actually went on to a notable career in professional wrestling, signing with WWE in 1999. She is a three-time WWE Women’s Champion, and given the popularity of the new GLOW Netflix series her induction in 2018 would make sense from a business perspective.

Of course Goldberg and the Dudley Boyz need very little introduction, the first being one of the biggest stars in WCW history as well as a multiple time WWE Champion, and the later being perhaps the most decorated tag team in professional wrestling history. D-Von Dudley is currently a backstage agent with the company, while Bubba Ray (sometimes Bully Ray) still competes for Ring of Honor.

Kid Rock would obviously be this year’s name for the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. The five-time Grammy nominated artist has a long history with the company, as his songs have been used for countless WWE events, and at one point his song “American Bad Ass” was even the Undertaker’s theme and the name of his biker gimmick. Kid Rock has also performed live several times, including WrestleMania and Tribute to the Troops.

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