Gray Maynard

Gray Maynard Dropping to Featherweight

Published On November 24, 2015 | MMA News

Gray Maynard

MMA Fighting – Former two-time UFC lightweight title challenger Gray Maynard announced his drop to the featherweight division via Twitter on Saturday.

Maynard (11-5-1-1NC) is currently 1-5 in his past 6 performances inside the octagon. Since losing the trilogy fight with then UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar via knockout, ‘The Bully’ hasn’t performed too well in his fights causing many fans to question whether Maynard should continue fighting.

The former NCAA Division 1 All-American wrestler is looking to revitalize his career by dropping to the featherweight division. Maynard last competed this April at UFC Fight Night 63 where he lost via unanimous decision to Alexander Yakovlev.

If at first you don’t succeed, drop to a lower weight class. That is the direct opposite of what I do when I fail at something. I would go from a lightweight to a super heavy in a month. Losing for me means I get depressed and end up eating myself into a Myocardial infarction. That is a heart attack for all you simpletons out there. When you blog, you have to have the vocabulary of a scholar. I do not see this move ending well for Maynard. He will be too slow for the division and his strength won’t matter if he can’t catch those little guys. What weighs more 1,000 pounds of lightweights or 1,000 pounds of featherweights? They both weigh the same. 1,000 pounds is 1,000 pounds. Don’t try to match wits with this professional blogger.

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