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Hector Lombard To Move Back To Middleweight Following Loss To Magny

Published On March 29, 2016 | MMA News

Bloody Elbow – After a dominant 1st round against Neil Magny at UFC Fight Night 85, Hector Lombard looked to be on his way to an eventual stoppage in the co-main event. The tides soon turned, however, when the former Bellator middleweight champion looked notably exhausted responding to the buzzer.

Magny began landing several combinations on a stationary target and battered the Judoka on the ground. Referee Steve Perceval had finally seen enough in the third round and intervened to prevent Lombard from further damage.

It marked the Cuban-Australian’s fourth fight at welterweight and the first stoppage of his career. Following the loss, which Lombard partly attributes to the newly-introduced IV ban, the 38-year-old announced his return to the middleweight division.

“I asked my body to perform, but I got no reply,” Lombard posted on Instagram yesterday (h/t MMA Junkie). “When your body says no and stops functioning there is nothing you can do about it. I’m very happy to be back fighting at my original weight 185. Now with no IV allowed, I will be able to fight in a healthier weight for me.”

I feel like all the guys that fight in MMA with 0% body fat get tired easily. Isn’t that why they have 0% body fat anyway…to finish fights quickly? Hey Champ, you can’t have 0% body fat. Your body needs fat for cellular function, energy use and to pad the joints and organs. Having too little can lead to nutritional deficiencies, electrolyte imbalances and malfunction of the heart, kidney and other organs. Lombard is a beast but when you carry around 280 pounds of muscle, your body requires more oxygen to keep it running at a high level. Hey Champ, me again, Hector Lombard doesn’t weigh 280 pounds so how can he be carrying around 280 pounds of muscle? I just hope he figures it out because he reminds me of Anthony Johnson before he found his groove. He has tons of potential with hands that could take down a moose.

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