In Honor of Father’s Day: WWE Dads

Published On June 17, 2016 | Wrestling News

You know, I really hope my children don’t grow up to be a WWE Superstar. It’s really not a good thing for their Dads (except Ric Flair dancing like a maniac after Charlotte won the Diva’s Title). If somehow my child does become a WWE Superstar, I”m staying far away from the arenas and I might even go into seclusion because you’re not even safe at your house. WWE Dad’s aren’t even safe after death. The Big Show’s poor Father was dragged around by the Big Bossman in his casket. So Dad’s, enjoy WWE by yourselves or with your friends, but do not introduce your kids to it. If some how they see it and end up wanting to become WWE Superstars, run! Run like your life depends on it, because it just might!

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