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Hope Solo Is Cuckolding Her Husband With Stephen Thompson

Published On February 10, 2016 | MMA News

Fox Sports – Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson not only picked up the biggest win of his career last Saturday with a first-round finish over Johny Hendricks, but he also landed a one of the biggest soccer stars in the United States as a new fan.

U.S. Women’s National Team goalie Hope Solo sent out a tweet on Saturday night following Thompson’s dramatic win, showing her appreciation for his performance against a former welterweight champion.

Following a brief thank you from Thompson after his win, Solo responded on Tuesday with a video on Twitter telling the karate prodigy that she was a huge fan and hoped to catch one of his fights in person very soon.

“I am a gigantic fan of yours,” Solo said. “I have mad respect for your skill set and I have mad respect for your sport. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to come and watch you fight in person, but in the meantime I will continue to tune into all of your fights and continue to cheer you on.

“So stay healthy, stay blessed and kick some ass! I wish you nothing but the best.”

Hey, Hope Solo, get off Stephen Thompson’s d***. These videos made me slightly uncomfortable because you can tell each one of them wants to bump uglies (it kind of reminded me of PDA). The problem is Hope is married to an ex NFL player. I guess it is only a problem if he doesn’t like watching his wife get her vagina destroyed by the “Wonderboy”. Everybody has seen the fappening so I can’t hate Stephen Thompson for trying to score with the goalie (score with the goalie was brilliant). There is never a ton of offense in soccer so I am sure she will be fine giving up the old 1,2 (clever because I used a boxing term to imply D in the V).

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