If Ronda Gets Immediate Rematch Shouldn’t Aldo?

Published On December 15, 2015 | MMA News

I wanted to write this blog the other day after hearing Dana White say he doesn’t think Jose Aldo will get an immediate rematch. It seemed asinine to me when he said that because a few days earlier he went off the handle about Ronda Rousey getting the next shot at Holly Holm. He was blabbing about how when a champ is so dominant he would lose his promoters license if he didn’t make that matchup. How about a champion not losing a fight in ten years? That seems pretty dominant to me. I guess when Dana says dominant he means makes him a lot of money. When the cash cows speak, he listens. If Conor turns around and says he will fight Jose again, Dana will act like it was his idea the whole time. Mooo!!!

I am glad Jon Jones agrees with me because I thought I was losing my mind and overreacting.It is good to see somebody shares the same moral compass I do. Wait, I don’t think I want Jon Jones to share my moral compass. I can admit I tried sniffing coke once…but I nearly drowned. It is funny because if you sniff Coca Cola you would feel like you are drowning. I have a joke for every topic you can think of. If you are going to be the best blogger in the MMA game, you better have an arsenal of jokes ready. Don’t sleep on my comedic talents. Speaking of sleep, last night I had a dream I was a muffler. I woke up exhausted. You can’t do what I do!!!


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