Injury Derails Shelton Benjamin’s Return to WWE

Published On August 8, 2016 | Wrestling News

FoxSports Shelton Benjamin was set to return to WWE after a six-year absence and provide a much-needed boost to the SmackDown roster, but Benjamin announced on Twitter Sunday that a major injury will force him to “put pro-wrestling to the side.”


No other way to describe this but as an absolute bummer. Fans everywhere, including myself, were very excited when WWE confirmed Shelton Benjamin was returning to Smackdown Live in a vignette. Unfortunately the plug has been pulled before his return could be made. Benjamin was a long time fixture in WWE and his release six years ago came as a bit of a surprise. You could feel the disappointment coming through in Benjamin’s tweets to announce the injury. Hoping he has a speedy recovery from a notoriously tough injury and that we do get a chance to see Shelton Benjamin finish his career in a WWE ring, as he deserves.

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