Jon Anik Nate Diaz Tattoo

Jon Anik Gets ‘209’ Tattoo Because of Nate Diaz Bet

Published On March 11, 2016 | MMA News

Fox Sports – No one will ever accuse Jon Anik of not living up to his word.

The UFC play-by-play man made an off-the-cuff remark ahead of last weekend’s card in Las Vegas that if Nate Diaz defeated Conor McGregor, he would get a “209” tattoo to commemorate the victory.

On Thursday, Anik officially paid up with a “209” tattoo proudly inked onto his body.

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I am not sure I could have lived up to my word when it comes to tattooing an area code on my body. I get Jon Anik doesn’t want to get beat up by the Nate Diaz and this was his only way out…but I would have quit the profession, changed my name and moved to a different country before doing that. There is no way I am putting a 209 next to my tattoo of a hula dancer (that moves when I flex). I have standards!!!

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