Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Are Trading Shots On Instagram

Published On March 2, 2016 | MMA News

I love the internet because of porn. I mean, I love the internet because we get to sit front row when people take their beef online (mostly the porn).

Jon Jones fired a shot at Daniel Cormier when he posted a fight poster substituting Family Matters’ Carl Winslow in place of the UFC light heavyweight champ:

Daniel Cormier retaliated immediately with a fight poster of his own, casting the former UFC light heavyweight king as Tyrone Biggums – a fictional, drug-addicted character from Dave Chappelle’s classic Chappelle’s Show. DC ended up deleting it a short time later but once you go black you never…I mean once it is on the internet it lives forever.

Jon Jones Daniel Cormier Instagram

Jon Jones would not be outdone and finally posted a video talking about Cormier’s post: 

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