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Gastelum Reveals Training Room Secrets: ‘Whittaker Ducked Me, Because He Knows What Happened In Sparring’

Published On December 12, 2017 | MMA News

Kelvin Gastelum earned a stunning knockout win over former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 122. That being said, the fighter is not next in line for a shot at the undisputed title. Rather, interim champion Robert Whittaker and former title holder Luke Rockhold will be going toe-to-toe at UFC 221. It’s safe to say, Gastelum is not too happy about it.

Speaking to FloCombat, Gastelum offered his thoughts on the matter.

“I knew Luke Rockhold and I were both in the front-running for this fight. I was then told Robert Whittaker wanted the tougher fight and he picked Rockhold. In my opinion that is the easier fight because I feel I’m the toughest fight for anyone in this division. I think Whittaker took the easier fight by going with Luke.”

Gastelum then revealed that he has trained with the interim champion in the past.

“He’s [Whittaker is] absolutely worried about me and for good reason. He and I have trained together in the past and know what the other is all about. We know what the other brings to the table.”

“The situation bothers me a little bit with him choosing to fight Rockhold over me. Luke has pretty much been out for two years then comes back and fights David Branch, who wasn’t even competing in the UFC a year ago. He beats Branch and gets the title shot so I don’t know what that says about [the UFC] but it’s not good.”

Speaking on his recent victory over “The Count” Kelvin Gastelum continued:

“It feels good to stack up these highlight reels. Before every fight, they put together these highlight reels and I just keep adding to it. I’ll get one and think it’s cool then I’ll get another one in the next fight. It’s just me proving to the world what I already know. I can knock out anyone in my division and probably submit anyone as well. I can do it all and I’m going to keep proving it.”

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