Luke Rockhold Demi Lovato UFC Dating

Luke Rockhold Dating Demi Lovato

Published On August 26, 2016 | MMA News

TMZ Sports is reporting Luke Rockhold and Demi Lovato are dating. It appears the couple hit it off while training at the Unbreakable gym in Los Angeles. Demi had been dating Wilmer Valderrama for 6 years but recently announced their breakup two months ago. It is also reported Demi and Luke got matching finger tattoos and sent secret messages to each other on social media.

Now that I got all of the details out of the way, I can focus on the important stuff…like how I heard Wilmer sports a huge hog. I don’t care how much confidence Rockhold has or how many Ben Wa balls are up Lovato’s vagina because once you get it from a guy as big as a missile, that thing is going to whistle. The former champ is packed with testosterone (don’t worry USADA, it is the proper amount) and fears no man in the world, but somehow dating a woman that has been with a guy that seats 15 comfortably seems different than being the tough guy in the room. Maybe Luke doesn’t do too bad in that department either. Maybe his junk is so big it graduated a year before him. Maybe if he had to get naked at a weigh-in the top of his rod would fall under the towel they hold up. We can all dream, right? I mean, no.

On a side note – If I tell Luke I don’t believe he is banging Demi, do you think he would let me smell his finger tattoo?

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