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Luke Rockhold Could Quit Fighting For Modeling

Published On August 30, 2016 | MMA News

I was taping “A Man Walks Into An Armbar” MMA podcast the other day and I was telling Paul during the show that Luke Rockhold will never be the same fighter now that he is dating Demi Lovato. I was making those statements based on Demi’s history of drugs, etc. but there is no preparing yourself for new love. You want to spend all of your time with the other person and normal reasoning goes out the window. I think the dedication it takes to be a top UFC fighter can’t compete with a blossoming relationship. I didn’t expect it to happen this soon but take a look at what Luke said on “The MMA Hour

“I will be going to New York Fashion Week next week and I’m looking to sign a modeling contract. I’ve got offers from one of the top two brands”.

“I’m a fighter at heart, but I’m here to get paid. If there’s more potential there, I’ll take it. We’re talking big numbers. I can laugh, let my body heal, and wait for the right time to comes back when it makes sense.”

“I’m not gonna go out there and put my body on the line when I can get paid that much more in this world. If they make it worth my while, I’d love to come back.”

“I beat my body down during training and fighting, and my opportunities have grown recently, so I’m dabbling with that.”

Don’t get me wrong, if I looked as good as Rockhold and was dating an 11 like Demi Lovato (I hope my better half (that is a 7 at best) doesn’t read this) I would quit fighting too. I would go into the laundry business and let girls wash their clothes on my washboard abdomen. Don’t worry, little housewife, I have a spot where you can hang those panties to dry. Some call it a clothesline, I call it my dong.

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